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Design of Fire Protection System

Fire Prevention & Consultancy Services provides its customers designing of fire protection systems in line with the provisions of Codes and Standards as applicable under the Bureau of Indian Standards. Our fire protection system design includes designing of fire pump house with both vertical inline and horizontal end suction type centrifugal pumps both for negative and flooded suctions. We provide designing of water base external and internal fire hydrant system for all types of occupancies with different complexity levels.

As a part of water base automatic fire suppression mechanism, we also design fire sprinkler systems and special installations like medium and high velocity water spray projection. The automatic suppression design works for both dry and wet along with pre-action systems.

We are also adept in designing of automatic fire detection and manual fire alarm for both conventional and addressable systems. Special detection mechanism like aspiration smoke detection and LHD is also undertaken by our design team.

Design of Fire Protection System
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Fire Safety Audit Services

FPCS deploys subject matter experts who can assess the existing fire and life safety provisions of buildings to identify the health of your installation. Our fire safety audit team analyses existing gaps, if any, in line with the existing provisions of Building Code and Standards and suggests corrective actions that needs to be undertaken for fire & life safety of the occupants and the property.

We provide end to end coverage during our fire safety audits including conducting 360-degree property assessments, testing of adequacy of fire protection equipment and checking chemical compatibility of storage areas to reduce fire damage. We also offer verification of fire hazard preparedness including review of existing fire detection and firefighting systems, evaluation of staff safety awareness and developing training requirements to cover knowledge gaps. 

Our fire safety audit services provide customers a continual assessment of the status of the fire protection measures in their building thereby providing them guidance on meeting the required statutory and regulatory compliance.

Fire Code Consulting & Authority Negotiation

Multiple building and fire codes present challenges with regard to interpretation and incorporation into project designs. Aspects which necessitate verification and review can include construction type, occupant load, building dimensions, fire-rating requirements and many more depending on the sector and industry under consideration.

The fire code consulting team of FPCS has in depth knowledge on Codes and Standards applicable in your local jurisdiction in terms of fire and life safety requirement of buildings. Whether it is a proposed construction or an existing building, we are adept in suggesting means and measures that is relevant for your occupancy thereby providing customers an end-to-end solution for fire code compliance.

We undertake authority negotiation with your local fire department, thus taking the responsibility of seamless approval of your building plan. Our empanelled architects and structural engineers ensure that all parameters required for the approval process are met, long before the plan is placed with the authority for approval.

Maintenance of Fire Safety Installation

Maintenance of Fire Safety Installation

Compliance of fire and life safety requirement as per prevailing codes and standards in a building is a job half done. In order to ensure that the installed fire protection and detection measures affirmatively responds to impending fire scenarios, it is essential that the installed fire protection measures are maintained, monitored and measured as a part of a standard procedure.

We suggest maintenance schedules for fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire doors, and alarm systems. We also provide enhancements to existing installations like adding signs to fire escapes, developing infrastructure for faster evacuation of the elderly and differently abled and ongoing fire risk evaluation of buildings and occupancies.

The maintenance division of FPCS deploys a robust team which keeps the health of your installed fire protection and detection under constant monitoring. Our maintenance team comprises technicians both from mechanical and electrical domain, who possess years of expertise to keep your installation up and running to meet any fire exigency.

Installation of Fire Protection System

The project division of FPCS provides customer with implementation solution of fire and life safety measures as applicable for different types of buildings under the provisions of National Building Code of India. The implementation solution covers the entire gamut of fire protection solution. This includes supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of fire pumps, fabrication and erection of external and internal fire hydrant systems.

Implementation of automatic water base suppression systems like sprinkler network, medium and high velocity water spray system, fire water curtain is also undertaken by us for our customers using piping and fittings as per the relevant BIS specifications. We also undertake installation using special specification fittings like UL and FM listed products if specifically asked by customers.

Apart from water base systems, FPCS also supplies and commissions automatic Fire Detection and Manual Fire Alarm systems of both conventional and addressable type. Special installations like aspiration type smoke detection and Linear Heat Detection Systems with auto triggering of suppression system is also undertaken and implemented by us.


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