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About Us

The Cause

Fire protection and safety is a lesser-known proposition in India. Over many decades, our country has witnessed multiple tragic incidents involving fire which have destroyed properties and taken lives. Some recent well-known instances are the fire which damaged AMRI, Dhakuria in Kolkata in 2011, Kolkata Surya Sen Market in 2013 and the recent blaze which gutted Grant Road in Mumbai in June 2022; All these incidents claimed thousands of innocent lives.

In 2018, as per a report on fire incidents published by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), India recorded more than 13,000 deaths due to fire. This is a significantly high number of casualties per million population: ~16 on an average from 2012-2016 when compared to peers globally and in Asia.  Considering the rapid pace of infrastructure development and expansion of city limits, the importance of fire protection and prevention should be taken as a serious matter and not limited to a mere formality.

  • 16,0
  • 10,0
  • 4,8
  • 4,8
  • 5,4

Fire Deaths per million population (India vs USA and EU), 2012-16

  • 179
  • 716
  • 463
  • 446
  • 367

Number of fire incidents in Commercial Buildings in India (2014-2018)

  • 3736
  • 7493
  • 8359
  • 7660
  • 7241

Number of fire incidents in Residential Buildings in India (2014-2018)

  • 286
  • 622
  • 404
  • 311
  • 235

Number of fire incidents in Factories in India (2014-2018)

  • 288
  • 719
  • 458
  • 286
  • 502

Number of fire incidents in Vehicles in India (2014-2018)

Statistics reveal that apathy towards fire safety and associated rules is generally due to lack of awareness or indifference. Apart from organized manufacturing sectors, most occupancies view fire protection as a secondary focus area with little or almost no regard for lives of occupants. With the recent string of incidents involving outrageous fires across the country leading to large scale loss of life and property, awareness on fire safety has only increased marginally. This has highlighted the necessity of having well-defined policies and solutions in place to enhance fire protection and safety of infrastructure.

“ With more than 40 years of experience in the field of fire services, I am continuously exploring all possible opportunities to contribute to our society by saving lives from fire hazards. I am continuously striving to raise the awareness in our society by being more diligent and vigilant about our architecture and construction so that we do not fall prey to such unforeseen calamities. “

 – Sandwip Halder


Who We Are

Fire Prevention & Consultancy Services is a Kolkata-based organization which provides specialized consulting services in Fire & Life safety. We gather and understand our customer fire protection requirements in detail, and then apply our domain knowledge and rich experience to calculate, analyse, design and recommend effective and robust fire safety solutions. Our deep understanding of National, International Fire Safety Codes, Standards and Statutory & Regulatory Orders enables us to offer customized solutions which encompass the entire fire and life safety spectrum.

Our small but passionate group of experienced and qualified professionals offer end to end fire safety consultancy services. Our scope is broad and covers infrastructure such as domestic and commercial high-rise buildings, hospitals, factories, warehouses, hotels, guesthouses, gymnasiums and temporary constructions set up to accommodate people during festive occasions. In addition to providing our services for completed establishments, we also review, amend and propose solutions on fire-safety aspects of under-construction infrastructure.

Fire Prevention & Consultancy Services acts as an extended arm of regulation enforcement agencies and has authority to inspect, analyse and provide recommendations to mitigate the risk of fire in buildings and other infrastructure in accordance with federal requirements.  We understand that each occupancy has unique risk metrics and there is no one-size-fits-all solution in regard to fire safety for buildings. Thus, our solutions are tailored with regard to the nature, usage pattern, occupant load, fire load and potential sources of ignition of individual buildings.

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